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Here's the September article from "Lumea Apicolă" magazine.
S.C. "Apilia" S.R.L. Arad, the first company in Arad to benefit from Sapard financing in the apiculture field, delivers to your address, the products you like!!!
Acacia Honey

This is superior quality honey, being the most requested on the foreign market due to its aroma and good taste. It is transparent right after collecting it, but the color will depend on the honeycomb color, thus the range can be from colorless to light yellow. It crystallizes very slowly, after a couple of years, due to the large quantity of fructose (it won't crystallize for at least 1.5 - 2 years and never completely afterwards). The strong acacia flower aroma will be there for the honey that has been infused with acacia flower or for the fake honey.
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Acacia Honey
This is superior quality honey, being the most...

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