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Here's the September article from "Lumea Apicolă" magazine.
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Propolis Tincture

The propolis has anaesthetic properties that are well-known by the Chinese medicine, since 5.000 years ago. It is 3.5 times more powerful than cocaine and 5.2 more powerful than novocaine.

It dirrectly acts upon over 25 diseases and it is recommended for 135 illnesses. 100% of the human endemic goiter and 50% of the medullary one can be cured with the help of propolis.

The propolis has been used for a long time now in folk medicine; the recipes have never reached the public though, due to their secret keeping. Lately, several scientific istitutes have studied the chemical composition of propolis and its medical use.

The most and obvious healing cases have been observed for infectious diseases, enteritis, pharyngitis, gingivitis, rheumatic pain and cancerous diseases.

It can be used for stomach flu, oral and foot mycotic disease, keratoses.

There have been cases where the propolis proved useful in healing migrene, Parkinson's disease, blood flow irregularities, nephritis, dermatologic diseases.

The tincture proved useful in healing the following diseases:
  • All the diseases that give feverish states are treated with 30 drops a day;
  • At menopause, 10 drops per day, for a year;
  • It is recommended for prostate inflammation, 30 drops per day;
  • For hypertension, 30 drops a day, until healed;
  • For kidney and liver inflammation, 40 drops twice a day, mixed in warm water (1 decilitre glass). Repeat until healed;
  • Angina, pharyngitis, flu or to avoid complications, 40 drops twice a day, mixed in warm water (2 decilitre glass) and gargle several times a day;
  • For stomach ulcer or enteritis: 40 drops of tincture mixed in 1 decilitre of warm milk, to be taken on empty stomach;
  • Callosity and keratitis are to be treated as follows: if possible, before going to bed, impregnate a cottonwool tampon or a bandage with propolis tincture and place it on the painful spot. During day time, we can use the propolis ointment with soap or salicylate;
  • For skin conditions, if it tolerates alcohol, the afflicted spots are to be rubbed in with propolis tincture;
  • We mix 40-50 drops of propolis tincture in one decilitre of warm water and, after shaving, we wash the face;
  • For lung tuberculosis, use 30 drops three times a day and practice inhalation twice a week. On inhalation, add 100 tincture drops to a quarter litre of hot water;
  • The drunk can get sober if we give him 1 decilitre of cold water mixed with 30 drops of tincture;
  • For the mycotic disease between the fingers, the ill spots are to be oiled with tincture;
  • It is recommended that we take 50 drops of tincture in 1 decilitre of water when we have stomach ache. The pain goes away quickly. The composition is also recommended for intestinal parasitosis, twice a day, on an empty stomach;
  • For tooth-ache, we use cotton impregnated with propolis tincture or raw propolis. The raw propolis on the hurting gum or on the carious molar will ease and stop the pain;
  • The tincture can be use on old wounds. The wound is to be cleaned grayling extracts and then we repeatedly oil it with propolis tincture. After a short while, the edemas and the pain disappear;
  • The tincture is also used for first-degree burns. The wound must be oiled several times with tincture. In these cases there will be no vesicles;
  • The tincture can be used where plant medicine or syntetic materials don't work. It is not recommended for allergical people. The ones that are sensitive to propolis don't use it.
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